Submit a New Bequest

A "Bequest" is a vacant building that deserves to be put back into use. By submitting a vacant building you know of or discover while out exploring, you help that building become a focused point of collaboration and excitement again. All we need to know is the location so we can go out and verify ourselves that it is vacant and in need of support to get started, it's that easy! 

  • Simply use your favourite Map program, like Google Maps, and click "Share" on the location closest to the site you can get, this will copy the address URL for you. Then all you need to do is paste that location link in the form below to share it with us. 
  • Tell us what you know about the site and any ideas you have while you are there; the best ideas come from you being inspired while looking around and seeing how that building can come back to life. 
  • Photos are extra helpful, but not required (anything shared with us means you're okay with us using the images as our own). 
  • Add your email address if you'd like to be notified once the project goes live and then send it our way by clicking submit.