Sunnybrae Lodge, Walkerburn

This is the A-Listed, beautiful Sunnybrae Lodge, built in the 1860s and waiting patiently to be lovingly made into a home in the Tweed Valley in the Scottish Borders. It is currently on the market for residential conversion (details can be found here) and hopefully will find itself in the hands of a Grand Bequest member that is looking to save and restore the historical fabric as much as possible! 

It has been at risk for some time, likely due to its location on the busy Galashiels Road as well as the listing limitations, but the special person that is looking to do their small but important part in protecting our shared heritage and leaving their legacy through protecting these beautiful buildings will see the potential in this gem.

Grand Grades

At Grand Bequest we have created a formula that helps to understand how viable a potential conservation or restoration project is through an overall ‘Grand Grade’. 

Total Grand Grade: 74.03

Adaptability Grade: 70

Cultural Significance Grade: 90

Social Benefit Grade: 59.2

Financial Sustainability Grade: 85.03

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