Hartwood Hospital, Nurses Block

Hartwood Hospital, the filming site for Batman's The Dark Knight, has this C-Listed amazing nurses block walking distance away and the fact that this isn't being used for affordable housing and mixed use cafés/shops is beyond us! NHS sold the site to Taylor Group Construction in 2018 and they announced the desire to convert it to residential, but nothing has come of it just yet. 

The woodlands and green space around the site has amazing potential for nature recovery, additional tree canopy, and some amazing outdoor elements for residents at the site and nearby! 

Interesting details on the history of the buildings can be found here

Grand Grades

At Grand Bequest we have created a formula that helps to understand how viable a potential conservation or restoration project is through an overall ‘Grand Grade’. 

Total Grand Grade: 85.12

Adaptability Grade: 80

Cultural Significance Grade: 79.8475

Social Benefit Grade: 77

Financial Sustainability Grade: 79.42

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