St Vincent Street Church, Glasgow

The St. Vincent Street Church is A-Listed and is the ONLY complete church by Alexander Thomson to survive. It is a striking building that immediately makes you crane your neck upwards as high as it can go so you can take in all its different elements against the blue sky backdrop. 

It was built in the 1850s and has Egyptian design references inside that make it feel even more special somehow. This Greek Revival beauty was home to the Glasgow City Free Church congregation who have recently ended their lease and have moved on to sharing a church in Partick... leaving us all to wonder what the future looks like for this site? 

There has been recent "significant plaster fall" reported, learn more here.

Glasgow City Council owns the building and have had help from various funders in the past repairing the tower, so it is likely to be an uphill battle to get any serious proposals moving forward; nevertheless, it's definitely a building worth it and deserves all our help and support!

Community Ideas for End Use Include: 

  •  - A recording space/studios? To keep the awesome musical talent of Glasgow alive
  •  - Art gallery for emerging artists
  •  - As Dundee has an outpost of the V&A, how about an outpost of the Tate, Saatchi Gallery, White Cube or something similar?
  •  - I wonder if we could use the space even temporarily for the School of Art while the old location is resolved. 
  •  - Glasgow School of Art should own this.

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