Inveraray Community Hall

This former school building was built during the first years of the 20th century. Despite some proposals going forward for its redevelopment in 2016, nowadays the building is still standing vacant and very deteriorated.

Grand Grades

At Grand Bequest we have created a formula that helps to understand how viable a potential conservation or restoration project is through an overall ‘Grand Grade’. 

Total Grand Grade: 0.685779543

Adaptability Grade: 70

Cultural Significance Grade: 79.625

Social Benefit Grade: 62.6

Financial Sustainability Grade: 69.7

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I know the Owner
Daniel Gunderson
Given the prominent location of this site in Inveraray, I can't understand why it hasn't been put back into community use in someway by now. Wonder what the problem is with it?

Postcode: PA32 8TX

Listing: Unlisted

Conservation Area: Inveraray

Condition: Poor

Ownership: Unknown

Architect: EJ Sim