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Kinnell Parish Church

Current Condition - Unverified

This 19th-century church has been unused since 1967. Despite being unlisted, the graveyard around it is C listed due to its significant and well-preserved death emblems. The roof has been collapsed for many years (at least since 2015) leaving the building very deteriorated and in a dangerous condition.

This project's condition and status are currently unverified by the Grand Bequest team. We would love your comments and if you could share any current photos below if you know anything new about this building

Grand Grades

At Grand Bequest we have created a formula that helps to understand how viable a potential conservation or restoration project is through an overall ‘Grand Grade’. 

Total Grand Grade: 0.827366745

Adaptability Grade: 85

Cultural Significance Grade: 79.7

Social Benefit Grade: 75.8

Financial Sustainability Grade: 87.69

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Postcode: DD11 4UJ

Town: Kinnell

Listing: Unlisted

Condition: Unknown

Ownership: Unknown

Architect: William Scott

Photo credit: POWiS